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  Our Prayer Offering to you/What is webprayze?                          

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When you make your Prayer Request using the site Form or by posting your Petition/Special Intention directly  as a published Prayer Request (both anonymously if preferred), our site prayze Angels--many devoted members, prayer groups and warriors who register to pray for others--automatically join you in prayer. They are also joined by our principal  prayer advocates--the good Franciscan Mission Associates' friars & missioners, our brother Eremetics of the Immaculate Heart  of Mary's Hermitage & the Carmelite sisters of the Most Sacred Heart--as well as by various other orders of monks/nuns (Cisterians, Benedictine, etc. & many more prayer communities)--who offer up your petitions & specific requests during daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass/pray for your specific intentions. 

Our Prayer Pledge is that of the Hermitage monks: every request receives "loving and compassionate attention...We have people that will take your request before the Throne of God and pray for you..." So,

"Know that you are never alone."
As part of our loving commitment, all prayer requests are also passed on to the Kotel website to be placed between Jerusalem's Wailing Wall stones. 

But the unique dimension of Our Prayer Offering to you is webprayze. . When you click to SUBMIT using the site Form--FIRST NAME ONLY,/WEB ALIAS IS ACCEPTABLE --and give us permission to publish, you also light a virtual votive candle & the power of webprayze, the might of many voices magnified--viral--lifted up to God! By publishing, you allow and invite not only our site members & prayze Angels inc. our friends the Franciscan friars, brother Eremetic monks, Carmelite sisters, various other orders of monks & nuns & many more prayer communities--but all other prayerful individuals--to join you in prayer. (So better yet, submit directly as a published Prayer Request!)

Submit a Prayer Request Form;  Post as a published Prayer Request!  Check out your prayze Angels      

    What is a webpayzeblast?           (pls. read above text first)              
Indeed, you may also light a virtual votive candle & the power of webprayze--the might of many voices magnified--viral--lifted up to God. How else?  You can PHost (Post & Host), that is Post your petition/Special  Intention using the Prayer Request Form  and simply opt to publishor by posting directly  as a published Prayer Request, allowing you to Host others (site members, visitors, etc.), virtually extending an open invitation to everyone who have similar Intentions to join you in common prayer!  But your Hosting activities are limited (or unlimited!) only by your imagination!  You could ask friends, family & the general public (you can link up to  or share on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter and other social networking sites, use YouTube, etc.), anonymously (you may use a web alias) or not. Together your linked, common prayer magnified by the voices of all other prayerful individuals and, of course, our own site members, our prayze Angels and the good Franciscan friars & brother Eremetic monks send a webprayzeblast or a shoutout to heaven! Remember as good Hosts, we pray for one another!  That's the power of webprayze!
Submit a Prayer Request Form;  Post as a published Prayer RequestCheck out webprayzeregistry.)