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Anniversary crowd enjoy the food & refreshments during festivities.

     The only 24/7 Eucharistic Adoration PEA Chapel of the Holy Family Catholic Community serving Glendale and the surrounding areas  within a mile radius celebrated its milestone 2nd Anniversary last Sunday, June 6, 2009. In great evidence was the ever-growing affection and commitment not just by the local parishioners but from the faithful all around the neighboring parishes—as  well as daily—as seen in the increasing numbers and devotion of the faithful to Adoration attendance.

       Open air, day-long festivities of the Monsignor Arthur J. Lirette Perpetual Eucharisitic Adoration (PEA) Chapel started with early morning mass at 6:30 and lasted all the way to the final afternoon mass at 5:30 pm. Parishioners were treated to several tables of food and beverages under colorful lawn umbrellas. The day was a very fitting anniversary observance of the only Adoration Chapel serving a considerable sprawl of parishes 24/7 such as the Church of Incarnation on Brand Blvd.; St. Dominic’s Church and St. Bernard, both in Eagle Rock; Holy Trinity Church in Atwater; St. Bede, the Venerable in La Canada; St. James the Less in La Crescenta; Holy Redeemer in Montrose, and Our Lady of Lourdes, Tujunga, to name a few.                                           (Cont. next column)


Committed adorers throng the chapel and grow in number...
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       The spiritual merits and graces bestowed all around by the Holy Family PEA Chapel cannot be overestimated!  In its short years of existence, it has successfully launched the Legion of 1,000 Men Adorers reaching out for the conversion of the menfolk in the community as all potential and heads of household with plans for similar apostolates such as “Women of the Blessed Sacrament” and “Adoration for Children.” 

  More adorers.  

       Certainly, the faithful all around looks forward to the “perpetual” existence of the PEA Chapel, thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Chapel Coordinator, Remy Bobis; the parish clergy: Fathers Jim, Martin, Rafael, Marcial & Rene; committed Adorers; as well as, all supporters of this notable effort that keeps Jesus’ great saving work going for all! 

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 "The only Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel (PEA) serving all neighboring parishes 24/7 within a mile radius: the Church of Incarnation on Brand Blvd. (St. Dominic’s Church and St. Bernard, both in Eagle Rock; Holy Trinity Church in Atwater; St. Bede, the Venerable in La Canada; St. James the Less in La Crescenta; and Holy Redeemer in  Montrose, to name a few) celebrates its milestone 1st Year Anniversary!"  
    A bit of history,                               A glimpse into the future...

Chapel Coordinator Remy Bobis, at the entrance of  the Msgr. Arthur J. Lirette Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration  Chapel of the Holy Family Catholic Community.


       The Feast Day of Corpus Christi, June 6, 2009 this year (June 14 in 2008 as it is a moveable feast) was celebrated as our 2nd Anniversary. It has been so designated—not the calendar date— because the day holds more relevance to the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel (PEA Chapel). Last year the Chapel inauguration was observed on May 25 for the very same reason: the Feast of the Corpus Christi was deemed a more meaningful occasion. Originally, the chapel opening had been planned for Easter Sunday, April 2008. However, the lack of committed adorers to cover the 24/7 schedule kept that from happening. It is hoped that there will be no confusion now and in the future on the matter of the chapel’s anniversary day celebration which is intended to be marked annually, God willing, on the Feast Day of Corpus Christi.                       

       Sincere thanks are in order to our former Pastor Rev. Fr. Joseph Shea who spearheaded the renovation of the ground floor apartment/residence of the late Pastor Emeritus, Msgr. Arthur J. Lirette, in whose memory and honor the chapel is named. Truly the chapel is Rev. Fr. Shea’s legacy to the Holy Family Catholic Community.  Even more thanks is due to the present Pastor, Rev. Fr. Jim Bevacqua, who in July, 2008 undertook the responsibility of maintaining and keeping the PEA Chapel for our Lord open for all seasons and for all time. Subsequently he, in turn, has designated Rev. Fr. Rafael Venegas as the chapel’s 1st chaplain.

        As everyone knows the PEA Chapel has undergone a massive metamorphosis since 2008. New additions and changes have all been done with the blessings of the chaplain


designate. Fr. Venegas oversaw every little      detail (flowers and plants inside and outside the chapel, etc.) according to his standards, keeping the chapel coordinator, Remy I. Bobis, always on her toes. The physical appearance and condition of the chapel today says little about the very difficult challenges in the beginning that Ms. Bobis had to overcome from day 1 when she volunteered, up to the present time: the continuous search for volunteer committed adorers to keep the 24/7 schedule; endless phone calls to follow up adorers; and the relentless rejection from people who did not understand but were critical of Chapel day-to-day operations and yet never  bothered to give a hand or keep adoration hours. All these began to weigh heavily on “Remy" (to fellow adorers) but would instantly vanish upon her kneeling in Adoration to the Lord, “a secret” she shares with everyone who asks how she manages to be a ‘24/7’ adorer, despite all “the odds” (according to Fr. Martin Joseph). She stresses what she knows: in her  heart: the chapel has become a reality because the Lord has made it possible!!! HE remains the “master director.”

       Meanwhile due to mounting parish work, Fr. Venegas had to relinquish his role to Rev. Fr. Martin Joseph. (Thanks a lot Fr. Venegas and a warm welcome to Fr. Martin Joseph!)

        Early this year, the Legion of 1,000 Men Adorers was initiated as a part of the PEA Ministry. All men chapel adorers are invited to register (no other requirements but to stay for whatever time is possible). The Legion is a program that reaches out for the conversion of all men in the community (heads of households or potential ones) to ensure the continued existence of Glendale’s only local Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Soon, the “Women of the Blessed Sacrament” and the “Adoration for Children” will launch. Watch out for announcements of upcoming activities! With all future plans considered, the PEA Chapel will have gone full circle—the entire family for the “LORD’S HONOR AND GLORY.”  Finally, on the 1st Thursday of every month at 11 a.m, Holy Mass is celebrated at the PEA Chapel. All are cordially invited to join.

PEA Chapel Holy Altar

       Indeed, this chapel has been a source of great comfort, peace and blessings to those who come and visit. May we see all future anniversaries yet to come until the end of time… (Submitted by the PEA  Chapel Newsletter Editorial Staff)

__________________________________               TO ANSWER THE CALL FOR COMMITTED                            ADORERS, RESPOND TO:                                    Msgr. Arthur J. Lirette Perpetual                          Eucharistic Adoration  Chapel of the                               Holy Family Catholic Community                        c/o REMY BOBIS, Chapel Coordinator                                209 E. Lomita Avenue                                            (In front of the Parish Rectory)                                                Glendale, CA 91205                                                       (818) 247-2222 ext. 332                                   e mail: remy.pea.holyfamily@gmail.com        Donations payable to Holy Family Catholic      Community. Memo line: PEA Chapel  ___________________________________           

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Father Jim Bevacqua, Parish Pastor beside Father Vincent of the Missionary of the Blessed Sacrament, with Chapel Adorers, during the latter's first Parish Mission about the Eucharist. At the foreground is the PEA Chapel banner.

                                                                     The  new Chapel  Entrance Door