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IN HIS WORDS: GOD'S OWN  (Official Site Music)



"When life seems always but 'a chase of wind' (Ec 4:4), a dream away..." In His Words: God's Own, is one song, one prayer along the way on one continuing conversion story, a journey that calls us all. After all, it is said, we are all just pilgrims answering


(Although wholeheartedly encouraged, any kind of public performance of copyrighted material of original music and lyrics requires author's permission. To this effect, notification for permission is very simple; please leave a comment here for me at GUESTBOOK/COMMENTS PAGE or message my FACEBOOK account privately at: https://www.facebook.com/connie.i.ko
BTW, we greatly welcome and happily invite especially the participation of local Music Ministers, Church Choirs, and the like at the Parish level upon proper notification.)