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 a gift to families: "a family that prays together..."

        A bevy of little girls in their finest, flowing white silk and lace dresses and a complement of boys in formal white shirts and black pants participated in the morning Floral Offering of the 40th Anniversary celebration of Our Lady of Loretto Rosary Group~La Crescenta last Saturday, June 5, 2010. Held at Saint James the Less Church in the  twinned Parish   

Our Lady of Loretto Rosary Group
bears fruit; 
Celebrates 40th!

(Photos by Emmanuel Natividad & GMHDO)

of La Crescenta & Montrose, the festivities were part of an almost  day-long schedule of special events  that kicked off at 9:30 am. Activities included the much-anticipated Floral Offering, Recitation of the Rosary, Holy Infant Jesus Chaplet, Divine Mercy Chaplet and Prayers and culminated with the highlight  Mass as well as Lunch after and featured cultural Entertainment.     (Cont. next column)   


Above: group picture. Below: Founding Chair-person Emma Eday & Officiating Priest, Father Ven Ilano.  



       As a testament to the blessings reaped by this flourishing family rosary apostolate, a full-roster attendance of its 80-active member strong membership--not including friends and family--was at an all time high.       


Chair persons - Emma & Mel Eday; 

Vice-Chairpersons - Leilani &Jim Mendoza;

Secretary - Crys & Jun Amurao;

Treasurers - Nenette & Noris Mateum;

Auditors -Dorie &Rudie Canton; 

Retreat Directors - Amalia & Larry Roberto;

Charity Directors -B J & Dennis Yao;   

Youth Directors -Angie & Eddie Escobar; 

Media Directors - Lourdes & Eduardo Garcia;

Social Directors - May & Ben Ramos; 

Advisers  - Femy & Emil Araneta;                                                 - Fely & Nestor Arenas

Top photo: Lunch is served; middle: Awardees all; bottom: Group Officers.)

    Special prayze Feature                                                                 
Our Lady of Loretto Rosary Group~La Crescenta: A History

       When Mel and Emma Eday, its Founding Chairpersons, launched and started a rosary group in June, 1970, they were residing in the city of Los Angeles. At that time, the couple heard Sunday masses at Our Lady of Loretto Church at Union Avenue in L A. Thus was born the Our Lady of Loretto Rosary Group, named after the very first church Mel and Emma ever attended in the United States!


       Since then Our Lady of Loretto Rosary Group~La Crescenta which celebrates its 40th Anniversary, Saturday, June 5, has been affiliated with the Federation of Filipino Rosary Groups. (As a postscript, in 1979, when the Edays moved to a neighboring city, they added La Crescenta to the name of their group to distinguish it from another one in adjacent Eagle Rock which has exactly the same name.)

      But back in its formative years, Mel and Emma, joined by an ever-growing band of core officers and members, faithfully spread the family rosary devotion by bringing the Image of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Infant Jesus to different homes--one family at a time--every weekend. All these years the Group has followed a tried and true prayer protocol: they pray the Rosary with the host family when the holy images are brought to the home, and the Chaplet of the Infant Jesus when they are taken back the following weekend. The host family, in turn, prays the Rosary and the Chaplet daily during the week’s stay of the images of the Blessed Mother and the Infant Jesus in their home.


       Membership, usually representing whole families especially children and teenage family members, has grown and flourished  and has spread in and to the cities of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Lakeview Terrace, La Crescenta, Montrose, Sunland and Tujunga areas.  The group reaches out to their roll of 80 active members (not counting entire families) by praying for their sick and dearly departed family members and making donations to the bereaved and to various charitable organizations.

      Photo  Gallery:       40-Year Anniversary Celebration