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Posted by Doming on March 12, 2011 at 9:47 AM


    The Blessed Mother      

            Ephesians 6:11

SM-47 14-Mar-94 6:00 p.m.

(Italicised entries are Catalina's words)

What a beautiful day we spent together!

My heart is merciful toward attending to the supplications

 that were made there and taking them to the Lord.

My heart is full of gratitude because of your loving obedience

 and it will reward My little children.

My heart is crystal clear light that has poured out abundantly

 over all who were present there in order to:

protect them from the enemy;

attract them to My Son;

and enkindle them within the wounds of His hands,

which are opened to humanity

and there wash their wounds caused by life.

 My daughter,

voice of My voice,

do not fear.

In My hands I receive your sufferings

so as to have My Jesus pour out the river of His Mercy over you

and through you

 to whom you may take His Love and His Word,

even though it may seem small and simple in your mouth.


Considering the rejection towards God,

 there is an infinite ability for reparation

 that begs renewal,

“Father forgive them because they know not what they say, nor what they do, nor what they deny...”

Unite yourself to Jesus in the Eucharist

and pray for the world.

 Wash also the feet of your loved ones,

pouring balm over their wounds,

taking upon yourself the weight of their sins.

I love you with My maternal heart

for your great littleness and fragility.

I lead you because it is your turn

to take up the most important work among your brothers…

Your strength is in weakness.

With it

you will win over the selfishness and indifference of many hearts.

Do not allow ingratitude to detain you,

the lack of reciprocation to tire you,

 the lack of understanding to hinder you...

Each day the angels of the Lord place themselves next to you

 to protect and comfort you...

If you feel like crying, do so.

Blessed are those who cry, for they will be consoled.

Do you not console Me?

How much more do I

who leads you

who are chosen by the wishes of My Son.

May what they say not leave a mark on you.

Pretend that you are a little chicken,

guarded and protected by angels who will not allow anything

 to mistreat that beautiful and delicate plumage of faith

that your God put over your existence.


 Trust in My maternal intervention when you lack strength,

 when you do not find the words.

Think of the omnipotent pain that this,

your Mother,

had when She saw Her Son on the road to Calvary.

And you tell Him also:

I love you;

I accompany you and accept the Will of the Father...

Pray little daughter; pray much...

singing, talking, in silence, and awake or sleeping...

Early in the morning

offer all your day for the conversion of one person,

the salvation of one priest,

for the soul in Purgatory

and for the strengthening of your spirit

 in accordance with the Will of the Lord.


 *This entry is part of a continuing series of messages I will be posting given to Catalina Rivas from Bolivia--sometimes from Jesus or, at other times, the Blessed Mother--with Imprimatur of +Mons. Rene Fernandez Apaza, Archbishop of Cochabamba, April 2, 1998.  This is my little way of making the messages known.  For those who want to read the messages in their entirety, please see

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