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What Love is and what it is not

Posted by frieda lara on November 16, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Love is a most commonly abused word. I love this food, I love that dog, I love to go swmming. a lot more things we say we love. Do we really love this way? Do we even know how to love or do we know what love it and wha it is not?

When we love someone, we must desire and work for the good of that  person, not according to what we think is good  for him or her but only what God says is good for him or her. Before we can do that, we need to know what Godod means. It does not mean pleasant or comfortable or fortunate. Jesus says that "None is good but God." We do not even need to say that "God is good all the time." He stands OUTSIDE of time. In other words, He is the only good there is and everything good comes only from Him because He is goodness Himself.

The only purpose of our existence is to work for our salvation. In erthly terms, we seek our highest potential to be the best we can be. this is also the formula for loving another person. We do not love because we want to possess or be possed by another person. Marriage must e based on love because it ia the groundwork for a family that must be cohesive. But love in general is the desire for the well-being of another person, which often does not involve owning that person. Quite often, it means allowing that person to grow out of you in order to allow him or her to reach his highest potential as a human being and achieve salvation.

Love, therefore, is not a feeling but a willing, an act. I ia conscious act of contributing to the well-being of another person -- a child, a parent, a sweetheart, a friend, anyone. It is not a sentiment but a deliberate commitment to the good of another person. It entails constancy and comlete but since sincerity. The self muyst stand out of it. But not at the sacrifice of our lor ourselves FIRST!

We can love another person only if we already love ourselves ENOUGH and  sufficiently. There is no such thing as loving someone more than urselves. Where are we ging to get extra love if we do not have enough for ouzselves?  We can love another person from an excess of love for ourselves. And that is not selfishness. It means the very same thing -- desiring our own goodwhich is achieving the highest potential we can reach and working for our salvation. 

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