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Posted by Doming on February 6, 2018 at 8:00 AM


Part 1 of 2 CS-70 30-Oct-97



I wish to converse with you,

to talk to you about something very educational for the group.

You should know that My birth came to pass almost in secret

amidst so many people.

It is a mystery, they say, but why?

Do you not think that, with My help of course,

the shadows are dispelling now?

Mysterious My conception because it came about

solely through divine Will --- totally mysterious My birth [they say].


I have interrupted your prayer precisely here,

on the third encounter of the soul

that prays to My Mother with the Rosary, meditating on Her joys.

Behold what one should meditate upon:

My Mother’s joy in giving birth to Me,

the awaited Messiah and Son of the Most High.

There is nothing mysterious about that

because if everything that is not fully understood

should be called a mystery,

then very little would be left that is not one.


Until today the different periods of My coming, of My Passion,

and even the simplest act,

which was My Mother’s Visitation to Elizabeth

have been called mysteries.

Yes, because all the mystery in this latter case, you could say,

lies in John’s leap in his mother’s womb,

but then it was no longer mysterious

because it was easily attributable to an infusion of Grace

that I gave directly to John even before his birth.


Therefore, the fact that the other fourteen points of the Rosary

have also been called mysteries

is due to the little knowledge of matters that pertain to religion,

and especially to the very pure love

of a great many of those who entreat Me.


There is nothing mysterious in those you call the “Sorrowful Mysteries”

because I suffered for love alone.

Yet, I understand that love is a mystery for children,

and that is why I address Myself to them.


As to the “Joyful Mysteries,” observe,

and the mystery will disappear.

I have explained previously that My birth is not mysterious,

but the Annunciation, the Visitation to Saint Elizabeth,

as well as the Finding in the Temple

are either supernatural or natural events

on which a little light shed is enough to eliminate the mystery.

In contrast, they have turned the fourth Joyful Mystery

into a mysterious one.

So, know that the Purification was carried out by Mary

in obedience to Me, through the Jewish Law and their customs.

I willed that act, which had nothing to do with the purification of Her,

whom had always been without blemish: My Mother.


Was My Presentation in the Temple a joy or a sorrow for Mary?

If you remember the words of Simeon and Anne, My Prophetess,

you must conclude that it was a sorrow and not a joy.

You do well in calling this fourth encounter a mystery,

given that it is an enigma for you to think of the purification

and the presentation among the joys of My Mother.

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