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Posted by Doming on October 7, 2017 at 7:10 PM


CM-150 4-June-97



Cheerful laughter, perpetual happiness and joyful enchantment

I have in store for those souls who were once sinners

and then converted.

Innocence will receive its special joy

and the converted sinner a different joy, also special.


When the time of sadness ends on earth,

the time of eternal joy will open in Heaven.

Smile then, oh disillusioned friends of Mine;

smile now, for if from now on you are given suffering,

it is because I will obtain from that very suffering

the cause for you to rejoice.

Disillusioned human beings,

do not regard sorrow as something hateful,

because for My love, sorrow is the fuel for a bigger fire.

Souls are burned by sorrow but if they suffer for My sake,

a great fire of Love will be made in them.


There are no creatures in Heaven

that do not bless the sufferings they endured,

because they see them as My Will

and they acknowledge their value

which is conferred on them by My own Will...

But I am talking to you about suffering

as sustenance necessary for you,

and from them you will obtain support and satisfaction

in the happy world that awaits you.


It is annoying for you to hear the words: suffer, suffer.

For that reason, I am changing the word

and I am making it more acceptable.

And that is why I am talking to you about offerings

or instead, about trials and tribulations,

and also about acceptance, but all that is still a kind of suffering.

For you to follow Me without hesitation,

I have brought about many examples of suffering in My church,

from the harshest to the most joyful.

Take what is most pleasing to you,

and give Me the steadfast consent of your will

since I am not strictly seeking your suffering in itself and by itself,

but your will, that is, your love.


Understand this and suffering will be less irritating to you.

I tell you next:

that the greater or lesser degree of your understanding in this respect,

will be followed by the greater or lesser acceptance of the trials

that I send you.

Do you avoid considering the fact that I seek your will?

Well then, it is true that you will be weak in suffering.

On the other hand, do you know that your God

cannot seek from His creatures anything but what is truly His?

That is, will and judgment.


Well then, be sure of the fact

that I am the One who predisposes you

to the acceptance of your sufferings,

the only means of making the gift of your will to Me...

No, there is no other means, and if there were,

I would not hesitate for a minute to use it,

knowing how much trials and tribulations,

acceptance and pain cost you.


Therefore, oh My beloved, leave yourselves in My hands

and you will see that I will accommodate your suffering of today

and I will prepare for you the joy of tomorrow, eternal joy.

Let yourselves be modeled in My hands

and you will become like the One who speaks to you

and who one day submitted to all His sufferings

for your benefit and example.


There is nothing more secure than knowing how to suffer.

Oh! How many fewer sighs you will heave

when you learn how to suffer!

Onward, without hesitating!

All of you, close to Me!


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