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Posted by Doming on August 19, 2017 at 5:10 PM


CM-133 24-May-97



I am truly happy, oh little children, to be able to speak to you.

Like a mother, I am more attached to you than to Myself.

I yearn to pour out the fullness of My motherly affection on you.

Today, a day of joy in Heaven and on earth,

I will speak to you about your brother Thomas,

once unbelieving and then an ardent apostle of My Jesus.


On the borders of Samaria,

where Judea goes down towards the plain,

Thomas lived the ordinary life of a fisherman.

When He called him, Jesus predicted martyrdom for him

and He made of him a champion of the faith.

He was the poorest among the Apostles,

but he soon distinguished himself by the kindness of his soul

and his religious fervor.

It was Thomas who provoked in Jesus His sublime reply

near Jacob’s well in the story of the Samaritan Woman:

“My food is to do the Will of My Father.”


You already know about good Thomas’ act of disbelief,

and it is useful for you to remember that all human beings,

by their very nature, are unwilling to believe what they do not see.

Thomas, simple and frank, revealed the weakness of his faith

and was gently instructed by My Son.

But he was not the only one to doubt, or rather,

he doubted because he was afraid to believe,

while the others doubted because they thought that the women

who had been at the Tomb of Jesus were deluded.


Thomas, My son!

How much good has come to the world as a result of your disbelief!

You are not the one who has provided this goodness.

No. You have brought about Divine Wisdom

and your stubbornness served the purpose

of providing more evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus.


You also, My children, both of you have prayed a great deal

to become convinced of His words...

It does not matter.

It is natural for you to do so.


Well, I was saying that Thomas was a poor fisherman.

He followed Jesus and was trained by Him,

and then he taught some brothers and sisters in the region of Syria

and other places...

He encountered martyrdom through the vile deed of a weak convert,

but he was steadfast in the presence of the hangman.

Imitate him and do not be afraid to show

that you are radical disciples obedient to Jesus.


I will tell you one of the stories that Thomas gave rise to.

You know that I experienced very great distress

when Jesus was lost in Jerusalem.

He was alone and I lost him on that occasion.

It was Thomas who indicated to My beloved spouse

that he had seen a child

talking in the midst of the Teachers in the Temple.

Thomas put himself on the path to meeting Jesus,

and I have been grateful to him since then.


Little children, rejoice with your Mother,

at the nobleness of your brothers and sisters in Heaven,

because they are like stars surrounding Me.

You also will come up here

and then you will know how great you are before God.

Thomas is among the noble ones

and how I praise him in Heaven and on earth,

so that you too may love him.


Why am I speaking to you today about Thomas?

So that once and for all, you will surrender your absolute trust to Us.

Neither Jesus nor I will permit you to become confused.

You are too dear to Us.

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