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I WANT TO SAVE YOU Part 2 of 3

Posted by Doming on April 4, 2017 at 11:40 AM


Part 2 of 3 CM-67 23-Apr-97



Human beings are the center of My attention

and matter much more to Me than any other created beings,

much more than the entire yet irrational created world.

For the sake of the life and true happiness of a human being,

I Myself, who have created him, am moved.

As for the lives of irrational beings,

not so much care is necessary on My part.

The working of My Will alone is sufficient.

I also act in them but in a different way,

because mere matter and earthly animals are simple,

deprived of the superior enlightenment granted to human beings.


Human beings are greatly in need of My care,

and I hold them in great love,

never satisfied with what I obtain,

seeing how few of them reciprocate My many acts of tenderness.


If the blind saw how much goodness there is

in the actions of their guide,

then even without noticing His presence,

they would be secure and would trust in Me.

But what does a human being see or understand about Me?


My continually insisting on the Messages being written down

in their entirety

is for no other reason

except for the purpose of demonstrating My love.


How hardhearted are those created beings of Mine

who take so long to acknowledge in Me, love

as the prime mover of everything that I send them or deny them!

But if you, oh human creatures, are blind,

then how can you claim to understand what I am doing for you?

How can you presume to have the power to judge Me

if you have so much difficulty perceiving

(and only because I made you aware of it)

the wanderings of your minds?

But you do not even have a real grasp of that,

since you do not know its origin.

And do you expect to know the One who guides you

without even knowing yourselves?


How much better it would be for you to stop trying to reason

and move towards realizing how enormously powerless

and completely blind you are!

I do not desire that you soar to great heights.

It is enough for Me that you be aware that you are mired down.

And in seeing yourself covered with mud,

that you will also be still while acknowledging Me as your helper

and generous benefactor.

Do you not think that I am right in teaching you these things?

And why would you want to choose your own path

as if I did not see right down to the bottom of everything?

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