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CM-12 16-Feb-97



(I have met a person who in one way or another, will be linked spiritually to my life.)


My daughter, I am the One who has anticipated this appointment,

this meeting, and this moment today, close to My son,

rich in love, in wisdom, and with extensive knowledge

so that he will be My representative on earth,

so that he will hear your confession and will guide you with his advice.

Read Isaiah 44 and ask him to also study this passage.

Mercy is the divine power of My love

that flows towards those who are in need.


Little one, today you begin on an extremely serious path

with many responsibilities.

First of all, I want you to be aware of how much I love you;

nothing is sweeter than this love,

since it proceeds from the Father.

Thus, when you pass through turbulent waters,

I will be with you and you will not drown,

and when you walk through fire, the flames will not consume you.

Each person marked with the sign of God conquers the world

with the power of his faith and his love.

He who is not ready to suffer all things

and remain trusting in the will of his beloved,

is not worthy of being called My beloved.


Be aware that love is communion, kindness, strength,

and humble gratitude.

When love keeps watch over all the senses,

it is chaste and sensible and faithful to God.

Now, if I love My children so much and wish to save them,

you should love your fellowman in the same way

in order to come to him with My words,

with the hundreds of Messages you have,

in order to be My worthy Apostles

and, thus, My love will reach perfection in all of you.


Do not think that on this path of New Evangelization

you will never experience any difficulty or suffer any affliction.

The true virtue of love is precisely to offer yourselves

with all your hearts

without seeking comfort in matters great or small,

without expecting someone to thank you.

On the contrary, your path will be full of obstacles, criticism, and envy.

But, if you are one with Me, you will see My face with great joy,

knowing that you were called to something great

and that you are doing what is right.


When you suffer injustice or bear trials

for acknowledging My presence,

be happy because this is nothing more than My grace working in you.

I want you to read John 17:22.

[And I have given them the glory you gave me, so that they may be one, as we are one.]


With regard to My statements

about inserting you into the love of the Father for Me

and into My love for My Father,

you are way beyond what you could imagine.

If you accept those statements with faith,

you will transform your hearts,

you will fill them with sublime joy and you will be wholly conquered.


Let us see.

My Father did not limit Himself

to revealing His love for you in My heart

and to introducing My love to you as a model to imitate.

Instead, He is inserting you into the love there is

between Him and Me,

when you love by believing and you believe by loving.

Now read John 15:9

[As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love.]

and you will find yourselves truly

in the presence of the most intimate mystery of the Trinitarian God

who desires to lead you to My burning Heart.


When I was on the point of facing My Passion and most painful death,

I spoke to My Father about My disciples,

but I also spoke about all those who, through My messengers,

would embrace the faith.

I spoke of you, I prayed for all of you

so that by mutual love for each other and, remaining united,

you will participate in My love for the Father

and in the love of the Father for Me.


Whenever you have to go out to evangelize,

read that passage and pray with unlimited confidence.

This is the wonderful plan I propose to you:

submerged in the love of God,

to love Me and My Father

and, through the Holy Spirit, to surrender yourselves unreservedly

to the Father and to Me, in complete trust,

in order to perceive the mission of saving souls.


Face up to reality: the time to reap is approaching

and the harvest is plentiful.

Will you commit yourselves to Me?

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