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Posted by Doming on February 19, 2012 at 11:40 AM


        The Lord

             Ephesians 6:11

CL-169 24-Jan-96 Jesus

(Italicised entries are Catalina's words)

This morning you have reviewed My Passion,

the love story written with My Blood.

You write stories with ink,

but I have written Mine with My Blood.

It was written: He has saved others

and He cannot save Himself.

If He is King, let Him come down from the Cross.

I did not come down from the Cross

because I had not come to save Myself, but rather you.

Then it was necessary to remain on the Cross,

and I am still there

and I will continue to be.

My little one,

you torment yourself by looking for your sins,

but when one loves, one no longer sins.

Your greatest sin is not believing in My great Love for you.

(I wonder when the Kingdom of the Great Mercy that He tells me about will begin.)

Since eight years ago.

Tell everyone that the greatest forgiveness of all sins

has already begun,

the drawing of all souls to Me,

soon to forgive all in exchange for a heartbeat of love.

For those that know of My desire,

the Kingdom of the Great Mercy has already begun,

and for the world,

when it has begun to read the Springs of Mercy.

If one single glass of water

given to someone who thirsts

is not without recompense, My child,

can you imagine what I want to give you

as a reward for the work you are doing for Me?

I will imprint on you My image

so that everyone will know that you are Mine.

(I include this because the Lord demands that I do.)

First I have saved you,

then I have made you My spouse.

I have made you owner of My Heart,

and now I fill you with the gentleness of My Love.

Do you think it is not sufficient?

The face that I promised

that you would contemplate

is now in all its splendor in your soul.

Do you see, My little one,

how the souls do not receive well the cross of tribulations?

But they do not know how much it pains Me

to see all humanity suffer like that.

I would shed all My Blood to save your tears.

I would like to take upon Myself the burden of human sorrow,

and carry the weight by Myself,

like I did then.

With all that, if one could see the future glory

and the importance assigned to the sorrow here below,

the same souls would ask Me to send them

suffering and crosses.

I want to take the souls to My Father’s Kingdom

and because of that I clothe them with contrition.

But even among the consecrated souls,

they are few,

the ones that penetrate this mystery of Love.

I am Love.

The Love that always wants to give and give,

but who understands Me?

The souls who understand Me are few.

I want you to become withdrawn

even more so on some days.

Do not make plans for Fridays;

I have My own plans.

Arrange everything for your reading and prayers.

Your pains will increase; I must save religious souls.

We will console each other

and together make acts of reparation.


*This entry is part of a continuing series of messages I will be posting given to Catalina Rivas from Bolivia--sometimes from Jesus or, at other times, the Blessed Mother--with Imprimatur of +Mons. Rene Fernandez Apaza, Archbishop of Cochabamba, April 2, 1998. This is my little way of making the messages known. For those who want to read the messages in their entirety, please see

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