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What Emotional Pain Does and How to Deal with It

Posted by frieda lara on November 7, 2020 at 6:10 AM

Are we aware of the power of the past, especially our childhood, has on us as we grow old? The past never really passes. It is planted in us and controls our subconscious, unconscopus and conscious minds without our realizing it. A dreadful experience in the past (at any age) may affect some of us but not others, and very often, the image of a given painful experience can last very long and weave through any aspects of our lives than we can know and control. We may find ourselves avoiding something or someone because of a mistortune and those who diid not have the experience may not react to it at all. It depends on the impact of the experience and our personality mnake-up.

If we are awre of the traumas of our past, our problems at present will not be as many as we not confront.That is because very often, most of us tend to push unpleasant experiences down into our unconscious or subconscious mind in the hope of keeping it from troubling us. But the fact is that it will trouble us when we are least ready. It becomes obvious that ALL traumas must be confronted. This is a herculean task. Mental disorders and diseases develop because of the human tendency to avoid anything painful or unpleasant. Many laugh off their problems, try to forget or take risky steps to quiet a turbuluent memory or trauma. Yet confronting the ghost that haunts is the only way to stop the haunting.

Our connection with the past -- and all the traumas in it -- is what perpetuates the fear of a recurrence of the same experience. It compels us to avoid the very specter of it even getting near. Yet every day is new. People come and go, change for the better or worse. People do not remember of mind what we mind. Or mind what we do not. The solution is to disconnect ourselves mentally and emotionally from that experience. If it is a person, you can think hard about his or her effect on you and consciously and emotionlally disonnect from the pain he or she caused you. You are the only thinker in your universe. You can control the pain that plagues you. If you can do this with your emotions, outward circustamcnes will be more manageable. 

Forgiving an offeder from the past involves this emotional disconnection. That alone will provide the space to forgive. If you disconnect emotionally, the pain will stop haunting and forgivveness can occur. You shall conquer the painful experience.

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