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we cannot do anything without God's grace, not even to pray to Him on own un-aided

Posted by frieda lara on July 25, 2020 at 3:05 AM

fallen nature has no power to change itself, e.g. turn away from any kind of sin. It is not subject to our weak will, which is inclined to sinning, being fallen, in the first place. That cures vanity entirely. Only God has the option to renew us but He needs our accepting His grace, not just to avoid pornography but to turn into new creatures that we are meant and destined to be. When God reads the desires of our hearts to obey His command, He responds by sending His Spirit to renew our minds and we begin to live in the reverse of our fallen nature, i.e., we develop a spiritual instinct to repulse all sin, not only pornography.. We begin to love what Go loves and hate what He hates. None of it is to our credit. It is more than deliverance by another human being. It must be God's very action.

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