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For Israel and jewish christians to be Blessed 7 times over.

Posted by Maria Concordia "Connie" I. Ko on December 5, 2019 at 11:20 PM

Bless you for this, My prayer request is,

¿ For The Lord To be praised to the Highest Esteem and Blessed infinitely.

¿ For The Lord to forgive me of all private and public sins.

¿ For more people to be brought to The Lord

¿ For Israel and jewish christians to be Blessed 7 times over.

¿ For everyone to be blessed to fulfill their calling and purpose for The Lord in time and history.

¿ For all of my enemies to be shown mercy.

¿ For your ministry to be blessed to continue its work for The Body of Christ.

¿ For spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for The Body of Christ and I throughout for generations to come and until the end of         time.

¿ For my Heart to be cleansed and pleasing to The Lord.

¿ For The Wife I have been praying .

¿ To be financially blessed 7 times fold to be a blessing.

¿ To be Highly Favorited in whatever I do For The Lord.

¿ To Be The Truly Chosen.

¿ To be Godlike in my calling.

¿ For the cure to cancer.

¿ For life long friends.

¿ For everybody and bloodline that prays for me to be blessed 7 times over.

¿ To be The very best at what I do in anything in time and history.

¿ For my recovery progress from sin happen fast and in record time.

¿ To be physically blessed in every way and in physical personal development.

¿ To mighty as The God that The Lord wanted me to be.

¿ To perform with a style uniquely my own and grace to impact The Lord's Kingdom in time and history.


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