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Be ye perfect

Posted by frieda lara on November 24, 2019 at 3:25 AM

Jesus commands His true believers to be as perfect as His and their Heavenly Father. It is not a prompt, a hope, a preference or recommendation. It is a command that must be complied with in order to enter the Kingdom. But we are weak, self-serving, sinful people and this command is far above our level of utmost accomplishment.

But our Lord will not command something that is not achievable. Especially if is a requirement for salvation. Is He unreasonable? No, He is not and never shall be. He said it to let us see the dignity of our existence. That God creaed us for great thngs, for perfection. He wants us to ever keep that divine intenion ever before us. We are not to be satisfied with being average and say that we are not equpped for such a grand objective. 

But if the Son of God set that goal before us, it has be achievable or achieved -- with His grace. So we tell Him that as true believers, you want to fulfill the objective that He established for us, poor sinful creattures. So we go limp and let the Lord work on us like a potter. He will renew us in His power. And what a Potter does always leaves something of himself in his nd-product. If the  lives nn us (which is His desire, if we let Him), He will conform us into Himslf Who is perfect as His Heavenly Father. If w do not interfere with His work on us, His command will be acieved. What stand against the fulfillment of His command, though, is myriad. The worlld, the flesh and the devil will always interfere with His work. It is the work of a lfetime. The world will alwayd distract us from our true destiny every given moment. The flesh too will rebel against this infintely high ambition that God sets for us for creating us. And the devil can be expected to spoil it with his thousands of years of expertise in the business of temptation. 

But God's pan can never be frustrated. If we try our best to cooperate with it and with His grace, that transformation is not only possible but certain. If we live in God's love and alway make Him first in our lives, we will develop His character inch-by-nch until He crowns our effort with success. We become more and more like Him and less and less like our past selves. If we team up with Him, we will always win and beoome wha He is. We shall have fulfilled His command of becoming perfect as His heavnly Father. We do not need outside implements to shape this up. Everyting will come from within if He lives in us. We do not need outside help. All we need is God. With Him, we are not few or ever become outnumbeed, for He and you are a majority.

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