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winning eternity with time

Posted by frieda lara on September 18, 2019 at 3:20 AM

We are very fortunate beings and we must unceasingly thank God for the gift of life or existence. We need not do anything to deserve this. Out of His infinite goodness, love and mercy, He created each of us with the potential of earning eternal happines while on a limited period on earth. And He gave us laws and much encouragement to achieve that! 

Many skeptics and apostates reject this. The enemy of God (and ours too) use those limits and the lack of belief in skeptics and apostates to frustrate God's plan for mankind. I have answered many of their questions and complaints on FB and I am aghast at the magnitude of ignorance among many people, includng those who are supposed to know better. They question God's wisdom and ways, like how He can afford to allow so much suffering in the world despite His love and power. Only ignorance will wail like this.

You know that the Lord gave us free will to choose between good and evil, between Him and His archenemy (and ours too) and He will keep that deal to the last moment, till the last ounce of His patience, which is fast approaching. He will not compel or threaten anyone to seek Him. He wants people to come to Him and ask for Him BY THEIR OWN WILL. Un-answered prayer is one test of faith. This world belongs to the enemy of God, that is why people who endeavor to do good are frustrated, rejected and persecuted. But there is a time limit to that and we await the end of evil in faith and that end is certain. As well as, fast coming.

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