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what does it mean to be a true believer?

Posted by frieda lara on September 7, 2019 at 3:00 AM

A true believer is a new person. He/she does not see the world and people the way he/she used to. He/she does so only in the way that the Almighty does, because a true believer is a reproduction of Jesus Who is not an inhabitant of the world. So the true believer cannot and does not feel like everyone else. His/her values are intimately and genuinely DIFFERENT from the rest of the world. He/she does not seek popularity or approval, is not materialistic and sees through things and people. He/she does things in full confidence of accomplishing these things in God's power, not in their weakness. His/her light will shine upon the world and he/she will be the salt of the earth. She/he will work miracles.

He/she does not need a following. She/he does not tremble when the world does not rspond favorably. That is expeced because the world is in enmity with God and the true believer is a "non grata" in the world. He/she is in it only temporarily and waiting to be taken out of it by Jesus in the Second Coming. A true beiever should own or owe nothing to this world, as Jesus exemplified in His life on earth  There is no other way to live but His way as He is the Way itself.

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