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Fear vs. Faith, Faith vs Fear

Posted by frieda lara on September 6, 2019 at 2:45 PM

A true believer is one whose faith operates and pervades his/her whole life. If it is real, it will become second-nature or unconscious. We need not consciously believe. Otherwise, it is not real faith.

If we have faith, we trust in God, we trust God. If we don't, we cannot possibly fear because the Almighty is our backer. Hs Spirit in us operates in us. If there is fear in your heart, then your faith is deficient. Ask the Lord to perfect it.

Faith is what makes martyrs perform what non-belibers and those with weak faith cannot. Problems and sickness cannot and do not affect belibvers because their lives are grounded on the Almighty to whom nothing is mpossible. Jesus said before ascending to heaven that what He did on earth, His true followers will also more and do MORE THAN hE DID. Remember that expectation! The Lord is not pleased with mediocre followers. Those who do only wha is expeced of them are not going to be seated close to His throne in heaven. True believers ALWAYS attempt what is impossible with full confidence of acheving what the Lord tells them to do because it is not them, but the Lord, who does what He tells them to do.

People fear because they feel they are too weak or small to perform big things. But true believers are not just people. They are reproducions of the Son of \God Who lives in them and does His work in them and through them. Jesus assures that if you believe, you can move mountains. Or command the mountans to move and THEY SHOULD OBEY YOU. What a wonderful assurance. Have you tried taking this seriously? You can if you fix your sight always on God and His might and away from yourself and your limits. You will fail only if your signt is fixed on yourself which is often the case among many professing believers. Thnk about this.

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