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Posted by Doming on June 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM


CS-131 28-Feb-98



My children, he who believes

that he can bring about his own salvation

by means of his own strength is mistaken without any doubt.


It is one thing to intensely want to do what is good,

and another to be able to do it.

When there is a will, there is a way,

if the first movement of the will

is united to the thought of not being able to will

without divine assistance.


I certainly do not expect the sinner

to understand this truth immediately,

but I know exactly what to do that they may be able to understand it,

so that they may not spoil My work with their presumption.


Indeed the duality, which always repeats itself in the world

is precisely this: I build and you destroy;

I offer and you refuse,

and this goes on until I finally sink you in the sea of My merciful love,

taking away your fickleness, hardness and resistance.


But without destroying it, you can lessen this contrast while you live,

and this is so that you can be worthy of My praise

and the glory to which I, Myself have destined you.


Little children, keep rigorous watch

over those who might want to enter the window of your soul

without going through the door of which I have set Myself as its guard.


It is necessary that I caution you about this,

because there are many who want to invade

and lead you to your downfall.

Therefore, observe them

without getting troubled over their attractive lures,

and remove their hope of succeeding by dealing rigorously with them,

that is to say in a resolute and always unequivocal manner.


Be attentive because they are shrewd

and do not allow themselves to be recognized.

They work continually with malice by one means or another

to conquer you.

But you belong to Me.

They know this very well and for that reason, they attack mercilessly

because of their hatred toward Me.


You must be secure in Me and among yourselves.

Your time must be spent in lifting yourselves toward Me,

not in remaining in their company

and distracting yourselves with foolishness.

You remain with them

when you allow yourselves to be caught unaware by their overtures,

by subtle snares, by seemingly attractive things

because, I repeat, they come with cunning

and under human clothing so as not to be recognized.


Hence, maintain yourselves far away

from the hustle and bustle, from inordinate inclinations,

from fleeting results

because there are things which these dejected spirits use,

and many times violently, with regard to you.


Many are the steps they take by every means

in order to attain your downfall.

Therefore be watchful, always watchful with eyes and soul.


Now, as Lent begins, remember how I treated you

during the forty days.

I recommend again that you be absolutely sincere with each other

and not to lose what is truthful, what is real, what comes from Me,

over what is doubtful that lies on the other side.

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