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Posted by Doming on April 5, 2018 at 8:15 AM


Part 1 of 2 CS-102 25-Dec-97



My little nothing, I desire that your heart lovingly submerge

into the considerations of all that you have received

in the course of this year;

I desire that it set itself aflame

with the desire of drawing closer to My holiness.

I do not desire that you show off your efforts,

their effectiveness

but rather, that you have full confidence in My help.

Thus, you will detach yourself from your own will;

in this way you will remain in the truth.

This is the fastest way.


Many things do I have to say to mankind about this past night,

which commemorated the divine night that illuminated My Bethlehem.


Holy night, divine night,

you say of the night that brought Me to you,

as a little Man full of love.


You know that after twelve centuries,

one creature had the idea to recreate My crib.

Francis, troubadour of the divinity, gave mankind this poetic,

what is more, this divine custom.


Therefore, for seven centuries, My Church,

those who are Mine, have faithfully adored Me in many places.

They think of Me and see Me small,

a new born in the arms of My beloved Mother.


If all of this has required such a long time,

given that almost two thousand years have elapsed

from My birth until today,

you can believe that My work will take a little while longer,

as it always adapts to the minds of humans,

to the slow progress of the knowledge that you have.


But what shall I do in the future?

Perhaps grant that you to know this in advance?

No, I do not grant this.

But I do tell you as of now that I am not entirely satisfied

that what I have thus far given to humanity is enough for Me.


This secretary of Mine, imperfect, yes, but full of love,

has asked from Me last night as to what I desire to give to mankind.

She did it guided by Me

without paying too much attention to what she was saying,

trusting in the first light that I infused in her.

Thus, the prayer made in this way,

is one that I welcome, and therefore, I reveal to you

that the following years will be full of graces,

which were requested again last night by this girl, child of Mine.

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