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Posted by Doming on March 11, 2018 at 2:25 PM


CS-88 21-Nov-97

Aurelio, Martyr for Jesus


(For N. N.)


The martyrdom

upon which the achievement of your goal is dependent

is at hand,

and your efforts are tending toward that limit.

Leap! Run! Look! Fly!

I pose to the shortsighted

who believe that these fraternal words of mine are mere poetry,

to consider that admirable saying of Jesus

which expressed His ardent desire

that all be washed clean by His precious Blood,

as also poetry.


If that was a holy exaltation,

so too is the exaltation holy of the one

who must hurry to the goal by other paths.

Let the shortsighted also consider

that to leap back into Paradise is what God desires.

Because it means that the soul must swiftly overcome

the obstacles arising on her way,

without lingering on them so as not to become imprisoned.

No, it is not poetry but real prose!


It is natural for Me to tell you that in Heaven

everything will become peaceful.

I was sent to you by the most amiable Mother,

and my soul becomes full of joy at being Her ambassador.

Mary tells me all that helps your thirsting heart.

I repeat it so you can take in and keep within you

the precious joys that She sends to you.

We are all hanging on Her every maternal word,

and Her wishes are for us the most burning flames

that move us to carry the divine breath,

which flows around the heart of fire

that Mary has in Her chest.


Which of us could remain inactive or reluctant

in seeing the light that shines in those sweetest eyes?

We are Her children and I confess that for me,

as well as for the others, w

ords are not enough to tell you how much we love Her.

And so, I bring for you joyful tidings from Heaven,

and you will communicate it to everyone you know

to be a lover of the beautiful.


The victory of a great Spirit who lives happily among us

is being prepared.

You, who were few before,

will have many new brothers and sisters on earth.

And we will send from Heaven our affectionate blessings

to the old and the new.


I confirm this fully to you,

and I ask you to take note of my name,

which is almost unknown on the earth:

Aurelio, martyr for Jesus.

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