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Posted by Doming on March 7, 2018 at 10:30 PM


CS-84 14-Nov-97



The desert is full of terror for he who traverses it alone

because in the silence, any noise causes anxiety and fear.

However, having many anxieties

normally does not carry consequences,

in spite of making more vivid one’s sensitivity

to the point that one believes that the feared dangers are real.

But perhaps the solitary man who travels the desert alone,

will never find the greatly feared beasts and arrive to his destination

having found no wicked being.

Yet should he find one,

the fact of making contact with it

and not having any security could be fatal to him.


The same thing happens with souls who do not put their trust in Me,

who forget My promises.

They also go through deserts fearing the evil beasts from Hell,

which set up many snares for man.

But then, the snare is not such that can capture in the infernal claws,

the souls who are secure in Me.

These souls are sure that in the desert of the soul,

I do not stop intervening in their favor at the right moment.

And as the lone traveler in the desert experiences many anxieties,

so there must be many sorrows to which souls have to be subjected.

Therefore, it is not only the sorrow

because of the doubt about giving in to Hell,

but also the sorrow for herself.

But, says the soul, “Will I be able to arrive to my destination

being as weak as I am?

Would I know how to remain above

without sinking in the quicksand of my things?”


Oh soul! Truly, you could not.

If you are convinced of this,

you must necessarily have confidence in Me,

since this is the only way that you could have the guarantee

that you would not sink,

and would not yield to the cunning of Satan the Terrible.

Oh soul of Mine,

why do you think that you are perhaps already his prey,

or that you might already be in the quicksand of your impotence?


Here is the proof.

This is how you can demonstrate your trust in Me,

not in any other way.

Precisely because you cannot see,

you will know that I do not leave you.

But you must admit your powerlessness, not just with words,

but through your trust in Me;

because in the areas that you have defects,

it is there where I will pour out My riches.

But you must clearly admit, oh soul of Mine,

that you are good for nothing, not even for breathing.


Then your desire will not be unworthy

because I will transform it into a magnificent garden

where you will find many flowers and delicious fruits.


Therefore, walk secure for you are not alone,

since He who truly loves you is with you.


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