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Posted by Doming on March 6, 2018 at 1:30 PM


CS-83 13-Nov-97



If it is you who chooses your place,

you have many possibilities for error,

but if it is I who decides, you cannot be wrong.

It is because I foresee everything

and from everything I extract nourishment

in order to have you reach that which I desire for you.

Thus, secure and confident in Me, you traverse your own waves,

those of others and every difficulty.

But if on the other hand, you chose the place that you like,

a change in self-evaluation overcomes you.

And so, that which you considered good

is discovered to be contrary to your interests,

and that which you feared as contrary

becomes an unbearable burden for you;

the result of all this is emptiness and dissatisfaction.


Self-love knows for sure, how to make up these kinds of games,

but it is incapable on the other hand,

of fixing the consequences of its doings.

Hence, I from the center of their souls,

warn and distract all of Mine

from acting in a disorderly manner on a par with worldly people.

I know the consequences

to which all of you become exposed by choosing on your own;

that is why it is My duty to warn you.


About which places am I speaking?

About those that you materially occupy in your families,

at work or any place else?

Yes, of those as well.

But all the other positions, all the other choices,

are a part of each individual’s judgment,

and each choice in particular is very often as a poison

that corrupts your actions.


Big deal! Acting without looking at the consequences

to which you expose yourselves.

Nevertheless, I see all of the consequences

and I can guarantee an optimal outcome to each one in particular

when you regulate yourselves

without the contamination of your judgment.


You, man gone astray, what did you lose by following Me?

What can you lament?

Have you ever drawn any wrong conviction believing in My Word?

No, and consequently, in the same way

as I thought of everything that has happened

and have very well resolved every situation in your favor,

in this same way and even more I will do in the future.

It is a matter of trust.


Did you by chance ever ask

for the greatest Graces that I have granted you?

And why have I granted them to you?…

Because I loved you. I still love you today, as well as tomorrow,

and I will love you always.

I choose for you; you follow Me.

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