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Posted by Doming on March 5, 2018 at 2:10 AM


Part 1 of 2 CS-82 13-Nov-97



My children, imprecise terms, clear references

and all other ingeniousness are brought forth

from a heart that loves.

Hence, in expressing his love,

the lover plays with words to attract his beloved,

in order to bind her [to himself] more and more.

This is an art that I very well know,

and of which I make no little use in order to give to all,

even if it is in different proportions,

the possibility of reaching My Heart, the Lover of mankind.

And thus, the more reluctant that My creature is,

the more art that I use, the more finesse that I put into My work,

so that through My words and deeds

My creature may believe in what is inside of Me,

in the fire that burns within Me

for each human being that I create.


This is why I speak to you softly;

this is why you must notice that My discourse is refined and sweet,

aside from being very penetrating.

Otherwise it would lack attractiveness

and man would not be open to Me.

This manner of acting is all Mine and he who imitates Me,

gathers souls around him almost without trying.


He who listened to Me [when I walked] on the earth

heard a soft music that attracted him in a mysterious way.

My Person and My Word desired to attract

with the smallest gesture and the shortest discourse.

That which was hidden interiorly would appear exteriorly,

and from the entirety of My works,

the people would obtain their conviction of Love.

Ah, had I not permitted the hatred

of those responsible of the Sanhedrin,

the people would have not been driven before Pilate,

and they would have not chosen Barrabbas over Me!


But returning to My words,

I say that My heart, wounded by love,

uses veiled expressions and direct references

in order to catch in the net of Love, all of the souls

for whom I have suffered so much.

Thus, those who think about what I am saying,

should examine themselves

to see that My Words not remain in them as mere sounds,

no matter how harmonious and beautiful.

If such were the case, My Grace would warn them

and man would have to look for the root of such great harm for them.

Is it hardness of heart?

Is it resistance of mind?

Come on; think: What effects are produced by My Words in you?

Do they seem as only music?

Are you not aware of the substance they contain?

Do they not offer nourishment?

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