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Posted by Doming on February 13, 2018 at 7:20 AM


Part 1 of 2 CS-75 4-Nov-97

Saint Francis of Assisi


My sister, listen to what I come to tell you

by mandate of our Love, yours and mine.

If the water that wells up from the spring

is channeled towards an adequate reservoir little by little,

it will become full

and the previously visible land will be left totally covered with water.

If one lets a narrow stream run out from the already full reservoir,

you will see it run forward in search of a resting place,

which the water will find either by mingling itself with other waters

or by pooling in another reservoir.

This, so simple and common a thing,

is the image of the great queen

that I esteemed above all other virtues on earth: humility.


[Brother] Masseo was left very surprised

upon hearing the words of praise that I would say

whenever I wished to give the necessary teaching to the great family

that I had gathered.

But his surprise was later changed into holy joy,

when he saw for himself that the queen, of whom I speak to you,

deserves the most sincere love.


I passed through earth, like a luminous meteor

and I attracted some to my side.

But I attracted them with simplicity, without artifices,

almost without inviting them.

I encountered some resistance from them

and I also put forth resistance to them,

until God removed me from the headship of the My Order

which I founded on true humility

and not on the insubordination of Elias...

[note: Brother Elias became the Vicar General of the order,

and remained in that position after St Francis’ death.]

He, has in fact, left a magnificent Basilica full of human marvels

which, by the way, is falling apart.

I have left a little Church full of divine marvels,

and humility is the most beautiful among them.


The wealthy of that time, were not as amazed at my poverty 

as they were at the spirit of humility

that God had given me.

My detachment from things was so great and true,

and that was apparent at first sight.

But much greater was the truth that by divine virtue,

shone forth in my spirit

and with the truth, its natural child, humility.


Did I not know who the son of Pietro Bernardone was?

How did the son of the French lady (my mother)

resemble the holy Son of Mary?

I found myself too different, when Grace inundated me,

and so I humbled myself.

And how could I have seen myself worthy of Christ,

even as I was following His adorable doctrine in His footprints,

if I could hardly withdraw from the offerings of the world,

which was already following me?

So, another motive was given to me,

another light confronting my new life,

yet I still had too little likeness with my beloved Good.

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