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Posted by Doming on February 6, 2018 at 12:40 AM


CS-69 22-Oct -97



[Catalina,] You wonder how it is that you communicate with Me

and how I talk to you...

We will use “to communicate” and not “to talk,”

since it is a more appropriate, a more complete term.

But sentiment is the language of the soul.

Consider that your highest truth is hidden in your deepest feelings.


I also communicate through thought when I use images.

Actually, with you I use feeling, thought and words,

although the words are symbols,

insignias that can help understand something.


There is another vehicle, My daughter, and that is experience,

the experience of God.

How many among those who speak about My Word posses it?


Many words have been spoken by others in My name.

Many thoughts and sentiments have been promoted by causes

that are not a direct result of My creation,

and many experiences are also derived from said causes.


It is a matter of discernment.

The difficulty lies in knowing the difference

between the Messages from God

and those that proceed from other sources.

This differentiation becomes simple

with the application of a basic rule.

The highest thought, the clearest word, the grandest sentiment

is always Mine.

All else proceeds from another source.


This eases the task of discernment,

since it should not be difficult, even for a beginner,

to identify what is most elevated, clearest and grandest.


Listen; the thought most elevated is that which encloses more joy.

The clearest words are those that enclose the truth.

The grandest sentiment is the one called love.

Joy, truth, love, the three are interchangeable,

and each of them carries the others,

regardless of the order in which they may be found.


I have been sending these same messages time and time again

for millennia, and I will continue to send My messages ad infinitum,

until you have all received them and heard them with attention,

making them your own.


You cannot disregard them, if you really listen to them.

You cannot ignore them once you truly hear them.

This is how true communication begins,

and that is what is happening with all of you.


Now listen; everyone is special and every moment is good.

There is no one person more special than another.

What is different is the heart of each man,

his predisposition to listen,

to maintain an open communication with Me,

even when what he hears may appear clearly mistaken.


What a scientist does is to question all pre-suppositions

and prejudices.

All the great discoveries have come about

from the ability to be open to the possibility of not being right.

Men and women cannot know Me,

while they do not stop saying to themselves that they already do.

They cannot listen to Me until they stop thinking

that they have already heard Me.

I cannot tell them My truth

for as long as they do not stop telling Me theirs.

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