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Posted by Doming on January 10, 2018 at 10:35 AM


Part 3 of 4 CS-52 29-Aug-97



In fact, I saw that My Father

while saying to Me: “Son, You are My Victim,”

was showing Me how illogical the sin of man was.

How contemptible pride is,

as is any other sin before the infinite majesty of My Father.

So, My soul would feel ardent impulses towards the Father,

who would accept them and repeat:

“Son, You are My Victim;

Son, You are accountable for the sins that you have not committed.

You must bear the punishment as if you had really offended Me.”

And I would be filled with sorrow

and be made to experience the horror that exists

between an impulse of love and sin,

a terrible battle between love and disaffection,

an immense struggle within a Man

who at that moment did not want to be God,

total destruction, sweating of Blood.

By then the sensitivity to pain had overcome the loving impulses.

I was all pain;

I felt I was sin personified.

Do you [Catalina] understand?

That is how I was feeling.

Was it not natural that I would ask for the removal of so much misery?

It was My human nature,

which was no longer receiving anything now from My Father,

anything that was good,

because I had received all of mankind’s evil.


Nevertheless, I maintained My sweetness even in that state;

My human nature itself, although totally submitted,

was looking for relief, exhausted as it was.

Then I pronounced the great words,

the words that were life in Me

and that witnessed to all

that My Will was always united to the Father’s:

“Not My Will be done (that of My human nature’s) but Yours.”

And the Father smiled,

but I remained extremely sad due to My wounded sensibility

and My terribly aggravated love.


I am alone, very alone, I thought.

All the sins are held against Me;

moreover, I feel them as Mine.

My Father draws away from Me

and puts Me under the sword of His Justice.

Maybe the apostles?... no; they are not with Me either...


I went to wake them up and to give them other instructions,

and then returned to the same solitude as before.

As a boat without a rudder,

broken down by the fury of the waves,

I returned to pray and to pray again,

to cry and to sweat blood

while Satan continued to laugh and mock Me.

Where were the Glory of Tabor and the disconcerting power over hell?

Had I not defeated nature, working thousands of wonders?

And had I not forgiven thousands of sins?

Why had I now become sin Myself?

And had I not given men and women the Eternal Word?

Why now am I laden with all the lies?

Had I not hidden Myself

when they wanted to apprehend Me and put Me to death?

Why is it that now everyone is before Me,

to accuse Me, without My being able to lift My head?


It does not matter; it does not matter.

I love My Father; He understands Me...

And so from one thought to another,

the darkness in Me became more dense.

I would descend into the abyss, into death,

without being able to die.

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