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Posted by Doming on January 9, 2018 at 1:50 PM


Part 2 of 4 CS-52 29-Aug-97



Peter is a case, an example, who was materially present

on the night of the betrayal, but all of you know

that it was not Peter alone who was present there,

but rather all of you, with all of your miseries.

That is why I walked into the Garden

oppressed by immense sorrows

and I abandoned Myself to sadness.


But someone was waiting for Me there, among the olive trees,

someone who wanted to put Me to the test with taunts.

It was the tempter who, refusing to accept My divinity,

thought he could make Me fall into despondency.

He insulted Me using the worst names;

he would called Me, deluded, fanatic and he kept stating

that it was him who indeed would be able to raise humanity up.

“Why do you torment yourself?” he would say.

“You cannot do anything for anyone;

you are only a miserable deluded man who feels insane.

Do you see how honored I am?

Everyone asks favors of me.

Do as I do; use your power to gain faithful and submissive followers.”

Thus, continued the iniquitous Satan, jabbing at Me,

telling Me that God would not accept

any of what I was expecting that He would,

because the power over man, said Satan, was in his own hands.


“If you want to be held as a saint”, insisted the miserable creature,

“declare unto the world that lust and pride

are the only satisfactions of man.

Speaking of humility and chastity, you have made yourself so odious

that even the holy priests of the Temple want to arrest you.

Go,” he would say to Me, “leave this damned Garden,

seek out Judas

and tell him that you want to start a new religion with him.

I will help you because I see that you are miserable and dejected,

because you are trembling.

Observe how bold I am,

because I know that I am the king of the world!”


But if Satan was waiting for Me in order to tempt Me,

so was My Father also waiting for Me,

and for a different reason.

He, by allowing Satan to vent all his hatred,

was preparing for Me the altar on which I, His Victim,

was to be immolated.

It was true, I had to assume the sins of all the others,

and Satan did not know why it was precisely I

who would have had to do it.

He knew the prophecies well,

but he could not believe that I was the One sent by the Father.

On the other hand,

He who had sent Me was waiting for that night

to give mankind the measure of His love

through the total sacrifice of Myself, His Son and His first Born.


In this way the Father showed Me everything,

and threw it over Me,

and so I had to put some distance between Myself

and the three disciples

and remain alone with this tremendous burden.

It was so tremendous that My whole being faltered,

even as I attempted to support Myself with My hands

so as not to fall to the ground.

It was the suffering that was growing more intense,

and condensing in My soul.

It was the suffering of seeing so much Kindness being offended,

and so much misery.

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