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Posted by Doming on January 8, 2018 at 11:05 PM


Part 1 of 4 CS-52 29-Aug-97



Little flower of My Passion, the night has frightened you, has it not?

And you have awakened to sorrow,

to being offended, to humiliations...

I asked you if you wanted to help Me.

You must know that you help Me,

not only by carrying My wounds in your body...

but also ---and how much!--- you help Me and comfort Me,

when your self love gnaws at you from within,

and yet, you vest yourself in humiliation in order to please Me.


They cause you sadness, those who once were friends

and today besiege you like wild beasts

studying, observing how to hurt you...

Offer it up to My Heart, a living blaze of love

where you will always find consolation.

I want to console you because that small heart that I love so much

is not alone.

Look; I will take it between My hands, to warm it up,

while I talk to you of another terrible night...

Dry those tears; let them not fall onto those who hurt you.

There is not a single dammed one

who has hurt My prophets in his lifetime

who finds relief today.

I am Mercy, yes, but I am also Justice...

Do not be scared; the word “dammed” is for the condemned,

those who are not in Heaven.


Listen... that night of tragedy was a dark night for My soul

that entered hesitantly amid the olive trees of Gethsemane.

I had said to the apostles that on that night

everyone would stumble on Me because the prophecy,

“I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”

had to be fulfilled.

I knew they would abandon Me,

but I was also certain that they would return to Me.

What I said was intended to make them see

that I was going to My death

with the knowledge of their abandonment.

It was not a lament; it was an advanced warning.


Everything was to serve as a means to increase My sadness.

Peter, sure of himself and without the least knowledge of his fragility,

caused Me the sadness of declaring himself faithful

even when the others had abandoned Me:

“Even when everyone stumbles, I will certainly not.”


My child, I know all My creatures,

and it was nothing new to hear Peter say that phrase,

a spontaneous phrase yes, but full of presumption.

His open declaration was a cause of great sorrow for My Humanity.

Peter, you, and you alone will be faithful to Me?

The cock will have not crowed twice,

by the time when you will have already denied Me thrice.

Peter, what are you saying?

Do you want Me to believe in your faithfulness?

Do you, perhaps, want to tell Me that you love Me

more than all the others?

I had not asked you for this declaration;

I will ask you afterwards, once I am risen;

then you will understand what now you cannot comprehend.

Yes, oh My Peter, it is true that you love Me,

but you do not yet know what it is to love without fail.

You do not know what you are worth without My help.

Peter, you will know it later, when I look at you in the Praetorium.

That is how I entered into Gethsemane,

with only three of My Apostles.

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