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Posted by Doming on November 13, 2017 at 5:40 AM


Part 2 of 3 CS-21 13-Jul-97



And yet, His wisdom goes beyond anything human

and indeed, in order to make Me happy,

Jesus preformed the miracle that you know.

Now I cannot express to you the gratitude that I have towards Jesus

for having given the world the manifestation of His love for Me,

and for having given it in such a resounding way.

My affections, My sentiments are so ardent

that not even the highest Seraphim can understand them.

Therefore, I will accommodate you

who also must, in whatever manner,

share in the maternal gratitude that sets My Heart ablaze.


Jesus, My sweet Son, here before Your throne of Love,

You see one of Your creatures,

whom You have chosen as Your Mother.

You have wanted Me [to be] great because You are most beautiful

and I, knowing that My nothingness

merited but an eternal nothingness,

declare before all My children, Your brothers and sisters,

that the greatness which You have given Me is solely Your Glory,

Your most just exaltation.

You have wanted Me for Your Mother and for that reason

I have You as My most beloved Son.


Jesus, Your love for Me is too great to be explained

and, as a consequence, My gratitude toward You is great.

On earth You have loved Me in an exemplary way.

You have given Me the things that I did not request of You.

You have honored Me in public and in private, Son!

The immortal crown that the Father has given to You,

is truly bejeweled by this singular Love

through which You love Me with predilection.


If all in Heaven want to praise what they see in Me,

it is because they see that I have no value

which is not received from You.

Yes, I am Your Mother, but You are infinitely more to Me,

because You, My most beloved Jesus, are the Almighty,

who demonstrates in Me how far reaching your Omnipotence can be.


\My adored Son, for all that You have done for Me,

I, with the power that You give Me,

now gather souls in order to give them to You.

For all the attention which You have lavished on Me,

I now go around the world

in order to light up the fire of charity [love] for You,

My heavenly Son, the joy of My eyes, beauty without equal.

I shall never be able to equal You in love,

but, nonetheless, You have given Me so much

that many in the world treat Me with immense love.

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