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Posted by Doming on November 10, 2017 at 9:50 AM


CS-19 8-Jul-97



My little girl, I will make you write in the dark.

You have called Me and My Heart cannot resist your call.

I like to turn toward all of you, toward you [Catalina],

towards all those who call Me with insistence.


To each one I have given the desire and I must foster it,

because if I gave it, it is exactly because it pleases Me

to see you desirous of Me

and, therefore deserving of receiving Me with effusiveness and charity

amidst the flames of My Love, in your joy and Mine.


Those who cry out against false piety say a truth without knowing it.

Because only those who possess the true Love

can enjoy My delights...

But let those who denigrate, the supermen and superwomen of today,

believe for only one hour but without doubting,

and then they will become the trophies of My Heart.


My Spirit is full of many delights that I long to share with you,

little Love students, with you who are thirsty and persecuted,

with you, beloved souls,

whom I have rescued in so many days and so many nights of tears,

with you – I have to say it –

who were Mine and abandoned Me.

I must communicate the fragrance of My virtues to you

chosen ones and partakers of My Passion.


I no longer want to restrain the fullness of My affection.

That is why I call you and ask you to act as I desire.


Mind not if you are rich or poor,

if you may have been innocent or sinners,

if you are young or elderly, men or women, small or great in love,

if you may first go to Purgatory and then to Paradise

or if I may pick you up from the earth

and transplant you directly into My garden...

Let none of that matter to you

because I, the beggar of Love,

the One who thirsts for your souls,

wants to embrace you with Love’s pure and perfect embrace.

This is how I wish that all of you embrace each other

and, in this way, participate in My most pure flame

that inflames everything and everyone,

that makes you happy and like onto Me,

who seeks nothing else than doing the maximum good unto you,

without any recompense, because Love is enough for Me.


Oh, beloved ones, understand Me!

Love Me because I love you so much!


And you, My little loving soul,

you who knows how to give so much love,

submerge yourself in the abyss of this Heart...

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