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Posted by Doming on November 9, 2017 at 7:00 AM


CS-18 8-Jul-97



I am the Truth and, according to My promise,

he who follows Me does not walk in darkness

because to follow Me means to feed oneself with the Truth.


Know that the Truth is My Being

and it [the Truth] subsists by itself, being the true essence,

which is light on its own.

It is like a sun that even before illuminating others

has in itself the maximum of light,

and so much of it that it can share it without loss,

without changing its luminosity...

In the same way I am light of Truth,

which lives of its own light,

which illuminates and, on its own, beatifies [sanctifies] itself

in the knowledge of its own Truth.

I am the Truth in essence

and I give Myself to everyone without losing anything of Myself.


My being is true; true is the diffusion that I make of Myself;

true is the love that I can share because everything in Me is Truth.

I am the light that knows its own infinite blessedness [holiness]

and this is because the essence of My light is the Truth.

Therefore, My own blessedness is infinite

because I see Myself infinitely worthy of being loved

and I know the infinite Truth of My essence and of My attributes.

I am the Truth.

I am the Essence

and I am the Light without the possibility of any shadow.

The shadow would be the lack of light

and, if it should exist in Me, I would not be the sole Truth.


I do not deny it, this discourse is difficult,

but I have wanted to remind you that a Man like all of you,

adores the Truth and participates of it intensely.

Children, this Man was born, lived and died,

precisely to reestablish the truth,

conquering the lie contained in all sin...


If you love Me, you should be happy

that My Humanity may be capable of knowing so much of My Divinity,

that My worship as a Man, may be perfectly proportioned

to My own Divinity.

This is because My person is one alone,

and consequently My divine action spreads itself to My human actions

- [something] incomprehensible to you -

that I continually carry out for Myself and for you.


As I am God, I am the Truth;

so as man, I worship the Truth.

I know and see My Divinity;

I know and see how I am known by you

because you are in Me, the one Truth,

which I spread by illuminating everyone...

I am the sun that radiates;

you are or should become My planets.


Look at Me, watch Me carefully,

allow yourselves to be conquered by Me

in an eternal admirable Truth

and you will also be the truth, that is to say, dazzling light

that has no decline.


Come to Me.

I must scrutinize each small, dark corner of your soul

and offer you rays and rays, light and light, truth and truth...

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