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Posted by Doming on September 24, 2017 at 9:10 PM


CM-143 1-June-97



If I have said that those who do not embrace their crosses

are unworthy to follow Me,

by that I meant the endless or nearly endless series of all the things

that your souls pass through,

be they due to external events or internal matters.

Moreover, what is internal is greater

because if suffering comes externally,

those sufferings can be combated

and in every case they can be born by helping yourselves

with human tools and means of support

or by separating yourselves from such attacks

and from all the sufferings that persons, situations and matters

might cause you.

On the other hand, when it comes to internal matters,

things are drastically different.

Let us analyze this...


The soul is suited to receiving comfort more than affliction

and glory more than sacrifice.

It nourishes itself by everything that it believes is appropriate for it

and is food for it.

Suddenly, it is beset by stumbling and carelessness,

and the mortal enemy advances

and mercilessly attacks with absolute shrewdness and trickery.

It begins to be tortured with the remembrance of faults

committed in the past

and it continues with fearfulness and insecurity about the future.

It is made to glimpse another kind of comfort

and it is seduced by what is easy, by what might seem safe,

and finally it is placed on the back alley of depression and fear.


Penned in there, it is like a little tiny bird

which is the prey of the falcon.

It moves, it kicks, it shakes its wings, it huddles in a corner,

unable to make any decision to fly away

or to confront its persecutor.


In this state, if it is not strong, if it has not nourished itself with Me,

with My Word, My love, the Bread of the Strong,

then it will very likely end up surrendering itself to the persecutor

and may end up fatally trapped in its claws.

But if on the other hand it is clothed in Me,

it will not fear to fall into the hands of the oppressor

because it knows that I will rescue it

since it trusts in that boundless Mercy and in its God.


I tell you truly that every martyr was a prey before to internal anguish

and suffered pain, moaning and affliction.

All the Saints carried their crosses bravely and lovingly.

None of them evaded their crosses, just as I did not evade Mine,

capable as I was at that moment of putting an end

to the evil of the enemy of souls.


If I carried My Cross joyfully to please My Father,

why do human beings want to be more than their Master?

No power is given to any human being

to try to surpass the One who leads them...

I have said that those who wish to be My disciples

should take up their crosses every day and follow Me.


Oh, children! No cross that is carried with love

will be deserving of scorn

and none will go unrewarded,

since by imitating your Lord, you identify with the God-Man.

That is how My Father healed illness and guilt:

by crucifying Me at the hands of My brothers and sisters

and I said: “Father, forgive them.

Forgive them for they know not what they do.”


And did they truly not know?

Or was it that at that hour Heaven emptied itself of Mercy for you

and Hell emptied itself of those condemned against Me...

Meditate on that, children.

Reflect on why it is that time and time again

I am crucified in each one of you.

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