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Give and it shall be given unto you

Posted by frieda lara on November 16, 2020 at 12:20 AM

God Who is unfailingly generos is all-knowing and just and cannot be outdone in generosity. He sees every little or big thing we do and we have no need to announce the good deeds we do, the simplest and smallest favors we give others selflessly. He keeps faithful record of these and give us back what we give several times.

This is the motivation for good deeds even if we do not receive such rewards at the time we expect them or in ways that we we perform good acts. In His wisdom, Glod returns the good deeds we do very often in situations and ways that are beyond our understanding. Only the greedy and ungrateful will not recognize the countless gifts and favors they receive without asking for them. They may thik that they have these advantages and possessions because they deserve them. And then desire more . We should nt forget that we now possess is not permanent. They can get stolen or destroyed or cease to be profitable or useful. Only by constantly being sensitive to the needs of others and supplying their need according to our resources will the flow of grace into our lives continue. Nothing is kept secret from the yes of the Almighty.

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