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Be content in any state you are in

Posted by frieda lara on November 15, 2020 at 11:35 AM

St. Paul, the first Christian, revealed and related to the Philippians the secret of contentment (Philippinans 4:11-13). He taught them to be content in whatever state they find themselves to be. He warned against greed and the unrelenting desire for anything that is not given or acquired or is lost. He shared his learning of how it is to be both full and hungry, to be in plenty as well as in want or shortage, how to be praised and how to be humbled. He was able to learn how to live in contentment in either extreme because he believed that he could do all things, conquer all travails in Him Who strengthened him. 

A true Christian is a reproduction of the Savior who live in an idnifference towards both extremes that St. Paul eventually llearned and taught the Christian communities of his time. Living simply and feeling thankful and contented with what you have at the moment is that secret. Being thankful for what God sends at that hou. If there is anything that you need, ask Him in prayer and petition as well as thanksgiving for what you already have. God knows what we need before we ask Him, but St. Paul teaches that we can still approach the Lord for what we want/ That approach, however, should be in the spirit of praise and thankfulness and trust that he Lord will send what we need in order t help us accomplish the purpose for which He gave us life and the resources to achieve eternal life.

What makes life an agony is the greed for more or the unwillingness to accept what we cannot change.

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