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Posted by Doming on June 18, 2018 at 4:30 PM


CS-138 18-Mar-98



They sacrilegiously chose Barabbas, and condemned Me.

With full awareness, Jewish wickedness freed an assassin

and condemned an innocent.

The Jews of today evade this consideration

and still condemn the Absent One

in order to prevent the condemnation of their religion.


If according to the Law I was to be condemned

because I had declared Myself the Son of God,

according to what law could a convicted murderer enjoy

the protection of the Sanhedrin?

The custom of freeing a condemned man during the Jewish Passover

was part of Rome’s political practice,

which sought to gain the acceptance of oppressed peoples.

Rome kept that custom then as well,

in spite of the fact that the requested liberation was,

on the part of the Jews,

a brazen declaration of their contempt for Roman justice.


I did not defend Myself,

but I now say to the Jews that the law invoked by them

in order to have Me condemned by Pilate

had been made by false messiahs, not by the True One.

Having chosen Barabbas was a deception to the people

and an affront to Rome

and Rome repaid: Jerusalem was destroyed

and precisely because of a false messiah.


Jews, where is your glory? Where are your prophets?

Why are all your saints dead?

Your Jerusalem, why is it in the hands of the unfaithful

who secretly govern it?


Jews, people of predilection,

the people from whom I obtained My Mother,

the people to whom I belong, ponder!


It is written that you will blindly believe My greatest enemy on earth,

that you will worship him with greater culpability

than you did the golden calf.


Consider! He whom you have nailed,

He whom you wanted insulted and hated,

is the Glory of your lineage.


If you return to Me, you will recover everything,

but if you continue to dishonor My memory,

you will be eternally condemned

between the slimy arms of the first rebel.

Jews, the decorum and the dishonor of the earth,

turn back on your footsteps, acknowledge your mistakes.

Your best defeat is to plant My Cross in your temples,

but your worst dishonor is to fight against My Church.


Come back, oh Jews. I will save all of you.

I will defend you.

Moreover, I assure you that I will honor you on earth and in Heaven...

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