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Posted by Doming on March 15, 2018 at 11:40 PM


CS-91 25-Nov-97



I will be apprehended and comprehend solely with love.

My little girl, this magical word is repeated in Heaven and on earth

because each has been made out of love.

But not everybody gives a good meaning to this term,

which is so frequently repeated,

and few give it the perfect meaning.

Nonetheless, everyone at least should admit

that to love is like creating,

that is: to produce something from nothing.

To love is to give one’s own benevolence to the person loved,

but to give it as if one were trying to rebuild another self,

as if one’s own self were not enough for the one who loves.


You already know that the mystery of creation

and the redemption of human beings is hidden in these words.

Now you know it;

the mystery of the Creation and Redemption of mankind

is veiled in these words.

I have given Myself to create all of you.

From Myself I have given you your will and your being,

which joined to your understanding,

have made you creatures in My likeness.


I had to create because My Being has no life

in which it may not always participate

by always multiplying Itself and returning always to Its own unity…

I multiply Myself in you, and return to Myself again

in the infinite simplicity of My Being.

This is possible because the life of My Being is Love,

which within Itself generates the creature,

so that, in participating with the Be ing,

it may unite itself to the Love.

Love therefore, spreads Itself by creating,

and manifests Its Life by reproducing Itself.


Therefore, every creature is formed out of Love

and I, who am Love, know all creatures infinitely.

I love them intrinsically being that every created being

is fruit of My life.


Ah, Love! The Word of Heaven and earth!

Who among you can speak of It without babbling like a toddler?

There is someone who would like to speak about it at length.

All of you would become enchanted

by so much beauty and gentleness,

which you would discover

at the sole mention of that which you would do,

even if you spoke about it in your own kind of speech.


For now it is enough for you to know this:

Love is life, joy and a smile, as to say that I Am your life,

your joy and your smile.


He who captures Me, I have told you, captures Me with love.

Love allows him to understand that everything in Me is fire,

benevolence and sweet satiation.


Whoever wants to capture Me, knows how to imitate Me,

because, you see, I use the same art in order to capture you.

The more honor that there will be for you,

the more Glory there will be for Me.


Well, this is the way it is, My children, to you the honor,

to Me the Glory!

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