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Posted by Doming on February 7, 2018 at 6:30 PM


Part 2 of 2 CS-70 30-Oct-97



[Catalina] would you like to go on to the “Glorious Mysteries”?

They are five supernatural events,

which do not include anything that may have to do with human life.

In contemplating these five encounters,

the soul is forced to wander into the void,

in other words, to recall that which is proposed for meditation,

nothing else.


Do you want to properly contemplate My Resurrection,

My Ascension, the Descent of the Holy Spirit,

the Assumption and the Coronation of Mary in Heaven?…

I appreciate the desire, if you have it.

I do not appreciate the parrots who only repeat

and think of nothing but yawning and annoyance.

They cannot help their yawning

because they go about it in the wrong way.


Oh My Mother’s Rosary!

Oh Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary!

We have given to humanity a Rosary meditation full of riches,

and they have turned it into a graveyard of mysteries,

into the entrance hall to Purgatory…

Do not be alarmed because all of you should know

that voluntary distractions

are the cause of a longer period in Purgatory.

No, involuntary yawns I do not take into account,

but I know that they implore Me

so as to be able to say that they have recited five or ten,

or fifteen points of the Rosary.

What is then left of the Glorious Rosary meditation

given by My Mother?

a petal here and there, and a stem with many thorns,

and no fragrance.


Now it is My Mother Herself who is going to tell you [Catalina]

about how to use it correctly,

and She will do it soon, sooner than any of you might think.


In the meantime, in order to make reparation

for your blameworthy distractions

and for the time that all of you have sometimes wasted,

I, the affectionate Son of Mary and caring brother of yours,

say to Her: 13

Hail, Oh My Mother, star of My Heart

and hope of those who affectionately invoke you.

Receive from Me a most loving greeting

which I present to You

in order to make reparation for their wretchedness.

I greet You, Full of Grace, and I bless You,

renovating in Me all the greetings and blessings,

which up to now have reached You

from the cold hearts of so many of your children.

I am grateful to You, Oh My Mother,

for the blessings with which You respond to Mine,

and I ask you to bring to Me many sinners now and always,

but especially when death is about to strike those most hardened.

Do thus now, My Mother,

and during all the time that will still be granted to humanity.

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