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Be ye perfect

Posted by frieda lara on November 24, 2019 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Jesus commands His true believers to be as perfect as His and their Heavenly Father. It is not a prompt, a hope, a preference or recommendation. It is a command that must be complied with in order to enter the Kingdom. But we are weak, self-serving, sinful people and this command is far above our level of utmost accomplishment.

But our Lord will not command something that is not achievable. Especially if is a requirement for salvation. Is He unreasonable? No, He is not and never shall be. He said it to let us see the dignity of our existence. That God creaed us for great thngs, for perfection. He wants us to ever keep that divine intenion ever before us. We are not to be satisfied with being average and say that we are not equpped for such a grand objective. 

But if the Son of God set that goal before us, it has be achievable or achieved -- with His grace. So we tell Him that as true believers, you want to fulfill the objective that He established for us, poor sinful creattures. So we go limp and let the Lord work on us like a potter. He will renew us in His power. And what a Potter does always leaves something of himself in his nd-product. If the  lives nn us (which is His desire, if we let Him), He will conform us into Himslf Who is perfect as His Heavenly Father. If w do not interfere with His work on us, His command will be acieved. What stand against the fulfillment of His command, though, is myriad. The worlld, the flesh and the devil will always interfere with His work. It is the work of a lfetime. The world will alwayd distract us from our true destiny every given moment. The flesh too will rebel against this infintely high ambition that God sets for us for creating us. And the devil can be expected to spoil it with his thousands of years of expertise in the business of temptation. 

But God's pan can never be frustrated. If we try our best to cooperate with it and with His grace, that transformation is not only possible but certain. If we live in God's love and alway make Him first in our lives, we will develop His character inch-by-nch until He crowns our effort with success. We become more and more like Him and less and less like our past selves. If we team up with Him, we will always win and beoome wha He is. We shall have fulfilled His command of becoming perfect as His heavnly Father. We do not need outside implements to shape this up. Everyting will come from within if He lives in us. We do not need outside help. All we need is God. With Him, we are not few or ever become outnumbeed, for He and you are a majority.

Living as Christ Lived and as St. Paul Preached How He Lived It -- Living in Unconditional Fulfillment

Posted by frieda lara on September 24, 2019 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

St. Paul taught the Phllippians the secret of a life of contentment by accepting and being thankful and content with what comes. This is something that not even many professing Christians do or can do. But the lack of attachment to the ways of the world is precisely what characterized the liffe of Christ Himself and imitated perfectly by S. Paul, whom He directly touched on his way to Damascus to destroy Christian believber. Below is St. Paul's revelation of how he lived in resplendent independence from both the ipleasures and pains of this world:

"I have learned in whatever state I am, therewitth to be content. I know how to be abased and how to abound. Everywhere and in all things, I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, to ab ound and suffer need. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." (Philippians 4:11-13).

A true Christian is not affected by the extremes of what happens in the world or himself/herself. He or she is content with what the Lord sends, trusting perfectly that what He send is what is good for the true Crhistian.The true Christian has a balanced view of all occurrences. He or she experiences both bounty and abasement, fullness and need, praise and abasement. He or she is indifferent to either extreme because his/her trust in God's providence is well-goounded and no necessity can distract him or her from obeying His laws and doing what He tells him or he to do or stop doing.

Yet the fact is that even the most devout Christian of this time prays for temporal things and complans when misfortune befalols them. It is extremely difficult to detach from our personal pleasures, from ourselves. If this is our case, we are falling short of Christ's own way of life against which ours wll b measured. The time to assess our lives is now.

winning eternity with time

Posted by frieda lara on September 18, 2019 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)

We are very fortunate beings and we must unceasingly thank God for the gift of life or existence. We need not do anything to deserve this. Out of His infinite goodness, love and mercy, He created each of us with the potential of earning eternal happines while on a limited period on earth. And He gave us laws and much encouragement to achieve that! 

Many skeptics and apostates reject this. The enemy of God (and ours too) use those limits and the lack of belief in skeptics and apostates to frustrate God's plan for mankind. I have answered many of their questions and complaints on FB and I am aghast at the magnitude of ignorance among many people, includng those who are supposed to know better. They question God's wisdom and ways, like how He can afford to allow so much suffering in the world despite His love and power. Only ignorance will wail like this.

You know that the Lord gave us free will to choose between good and evil, between Him and His archenemy (and ours too) and He will keep that deal to the last moment, till the last ounce of His patience, which is fast approaching. He will not compel or threaten anyone to seek Him. He wants people to come to Him and ask for Him BY THEIR OWN WILL. Un-answered prayer is one test of faith. This world belongs to the enemy of God, that is why people who endeavor to do good are frustrated, rejected and persecuted. But there is a time limit to that and we await the end of evil in faith and that end is certain. As well as, fast coming.

Be Perfect as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect

Posted by frieda lara on September 11, 2019 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

This is a command, not an advice or wish or preference. And the Lord said this to His disciples and would-be followers. We are obliged to obey this command, not by our efforts or mental dexterty but in full response to His grace to be as perfect as His Father. It is a tall order because nothing is short with the Lord. Only those who comply with this command will enter heaven. Realize that perfection is the lone criteron of entry into the Kingdom of God. And Jesus not only requires it but has the means for us to achieve it. Simply ask Him and you will receive if He lives in you.

what does it mean to be a true believer?

Posted by frieda lara on September 7, 2019 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

A true believer is a new person. He/she does not see the world and people the way he/she used to. He/she does so only in the way that the Almighty does, because a true believer is a reproduction of Jesus Who is not an inhabitant of the world. So the true believer cannot and does not feel like everyone else. His/her values are intimately and genuinely DIFFERENT from the rest of the world. He/she does not seek popularity or approval, is not materialistic and sees through things and people. He/she does things in full confidence of accomplishing these things in God's power, not in their weakness. His/her light will shine upon the world and he/she will be the salt of the earth. She/he will work miracles.

He/she does not need a following. She/he does not tremble when the world does not rspond favorably. That is expeced because the world is in enmity with God and the true believer is a "non grata" in the world. He/she is in it only temporarily and waiting to be taken out of it by Jesus in the Second Coming. A true beiever should own or owe nothing to this world, as Jesus exemplified in His life on earth  There is no other way to live but His way as He is the Way itself.

Fear vs. Faith, Faith vs Fear

Posted by frieda lara on September 6, 2019 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

A true believer is one whose faith operates and pervades his/her whole life. If it is real, it will become second-nature or unconscious. We need not consciously believe. Otherwise, it is not real faith.

If we have faith, we trust in God, we trust God. If we don't, we cannot possibly fear because the Almighty is our backer. Hs Spirit in us operates in us. If there is fear in your heart, then your faith is deficient. Ask the Lord to perfect it.

Faith is what makes martyrs perform what non-belibers and those with weak faith cannot. Problems and sickness cannot and do not affect belibvers because their lives are grounded on the Almighty to whom nothing is mpossible. Jesus said before ascending to heaven that what He did on earth, His true followers will also more and do MORE THAN hE DID. Remember that expectation! The Lord is not pleased with mediocre followers. Those who do only wha is expeced of them are not going to be seated close to His throne in heaven. True believers ALWAYS attempt what is impossible with full confidence of acheving what the Lord tells them to do because it is not them, but the Lord, who does what He tells them to do.

People fear because they feel they are too weak or small to perform big things. But true believers are not just people. They are reproducions of the Son of \God Who lives in them and does His work in them and through them. Jesus assures that if you believe, you can move mountains. Or command the mountans to move and THEY SHOULD OBEY YOU. What a wonderful assurance. Have you tried taking this seriously? You can if you fix your sight always on God and His might and away from yourself and your limits. You will fail only if your signt is fixed on yourself which is often the case among many professing believers. Thnk about this.

Knowing God is not the same as knowing about God

Posted by frieda lara on September 2, 2019 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We know many things ABOUT God -- that He is the creator, almighty, all-knowing, all=-present, all-merciful, all-just, all-merciful and lots more. But these are information we put into our heads. Knowing Goid means experiencing Him, feeling Him inside us, speaking or hearing Him speak intimately within. Only true beievers, who are His friends, can know Him. And His will is to be in intimae union with them. Knowing Him does not qualify us to enter into that union and His kingdom. Even the evil one knows ABOUT him but does not and cannot unite with Him.

A trub believer must make quality time with the Lord as often and as long as possible. We are all made for Him, more than for anything and anyone in this world. If this does not happen, we cannot fulfill our existence. Happiness will elude us. This is the only reason for our existence and yet it is neglected or unknown. Such is the work of our enemy and true believers must expose this.

God knows what we need before we ask Him.

Posted by frieda lara on August 6, 2019 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (4)

When we pray, we should remember that the Person we are communicating with or addressing is not a mortal. or a tangible being like other people. God is a Spirit. He is all-knowing and searches the heart. He knows the end from the beginning and knows perfectly well what we are addressing Him for. He wants to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. We worship and pray not verbally or mentally (reading something pre-written or memorized) but from the heart, to utter what really comes from our heart without words. We send Him feelings, not words. We need not speak outwardly or inwardly, much less read anything. Simply present ourselves in emptinesws before the Great All Who owns us and has absolute rights over us. Then we simply say "teach us how to pray." The people of Jesus' time asked Him this and He taught them The Lord's Prayer because it is a complete prayer but must be said slowly from the heart, not from the mind or verbally.

I have always been opposed to vocal prayer since I became aware of the reason for existence, the I and the Thou. If you are invited to appear before a king or queen or a president of a great nation, how do you behave? In all respect and propriety, of course. You will probably practise what you will say, make sure you are properly attired and come to your appointment on time. What more if you come into the presence of the Ruler of the universe, before whom all the kings and rulers of the earth are mere foot stools?  Yet is this the way we behave when attending the Mass or praying even in the pprivacy of our bedrooms? God is Divine Royalty, wherever and whenever we address Him. And most of us, if not all of us, do that many times deliberately.

The way to pray is via the heart. Our minds do not appeal to God. He wants us to worship and serve Him OUT OF LOVE that comes from the heart in response to His love that He will pour upon our hearts from His own when we ask Him. And we should because that is all that we need to do to fulfill our existence. It is also His first commandment -- love the Lord your God WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART, with your whole soul, with your whole mnd and with your whole strength. It is not an appeal or a recommendation or a preference but a very clear COMMAND. And only those who fulfill it (and the second commandment -- love your neighbor as yourself) will enter heaven. 

Love cannot be generated by a human being. There is no love outside God because He is Love Itself. None is good but God, Jesus teaches. We can have or feel love only when we respond to His when He gives it to us at an overflow. Then we can begin to love ourselves and others. This is the only way love flows and spreads.

We do not have to tell God we love Him. He knows if we do or not, and that knowledge proceeds not from our words but our deeds. Because love is an act as well as a feeling which enables the act. Telling Him we love Him over and over again is worthless unless we show that love in deed, both in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. If we love God, we will follow His command, He will live in us, we will possess virtues and develop vision. And we will hear Him speak. He will do His works in ur and through us. This is how He reproduces His Son to inherit His kingdom as His adopted children.

Any person who tells us that he/she loves us must first possess God before he/she can truly love. If not, he/she does not really love us. He or she only wants us for his/her subjective ends. God always has to be central in our lives. We cannot have motives apart from His that will last because we were made for Him and for His glory, not our plans for ourselves. If we pursue anything outside of Him, we are exposed to the rule of the enemy who will first seduce us with false promises and then destroy us. Do not underestimae his cunning. He has more than 2,000 years of experience in temptation. We must cleave to God as often as possible. Pray and ask Him to keep us in His own heart to protect us from our enemy.

prayer is not one-way

Posted by frieda lara on August 6, 2019 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Have we ever wondered why prayer is a one-way effort? The person recites or silently speaks to the Lord spontaneously or through prepared prayers from a missal? Ever wondered why His voice is heard only by a very few and we wish we could hear Him answer back? There is an answer that every real and fervent belever or devotee should, in fact, search hard for. Jesus Himself already described how His voice can be heard yet we persist with one-way communication. Why can't the ordinary person praying hear His voice? The key is truthfulness.

hearing God speak to you

Posted by frieda lara on August 6, 2019 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Jesus says : "He who is of the Truth hears My voice. (John 18:37)."

The Truth is God Himself ("I am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life").. Being oF the Truth means belonging to God, being filled with Him, thriving on God. That person who is of the Truth will hear God's voice. That person's questions will be answered by Him. But being truthful is in itself extremely difficult. Day by day, we are bombarded by unrealities that are not acceptable to the Lord. Because we are in the world (which is captive to the enemy of God), truthfulness is a rarity and a grace. \Without grace, no one can be freed to elect what is true all the time or to seek it. Our fallen nature inclines us to falsehood and naturally resists Truth. Hence, it requires grace to choose and stay truthful.