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Posted by Doming on February 28, 2011 at 8:02 AM



             Ephesians 6:11

SM-26 16-Feb-94 11:15 p.m.

(Italicised entries are Catalina's words)

You have started your fasting, My daughter.

How sweet these days have been for My lips,

which have kissed your forehead while you rested,

as sweet as the early honey, as the mature fig.

You cannot understand how much consolation I have felt

amidst so much bitterness that I receive

from My other children,

no less loved and no less awaited.

How much simplicity and at the same time,

how much grandeur from each one of your prayers there was,

 because they rose with the heart through the lips.

And these days of lust and unrestraint

you have sacrificed in order to accompany us a few hours.

My little ones, because you are good children,

this your Lord and God,

as you call Me in the Eucharist,

thanks you with the humility of a human being…

Even if only half of the Christians would have accompanied you,

the other half would have been saved.

The time of the harvest draws near…

But do not fear.

I will be your defense at the birth of the dawn

and at the arrival of sunset.

Keep Me company this Lent,

because it will be marked by fire and blood of the Lamb…

When with the Father and My Holy Mother

at the summit of the hill and at the feet of that image  that took on life,

we witness that all have received the gifts of My Spirit,

which you will discover as you continue to pray.

Discuss this with NN.

I could never say that My death was in vain…

if to save one soul I should have had to suffer all that torment,

My death was justified.

Take My example and you will save souls!

Further hardships…

Children, I love you;

for love My Father delivered Me to the world…

Each sorrow of yours saves many souls;

offer them for My sorrows.

Gather again; reread the messages and do what they tell you.

A new earthquake, more signs…

prepare your things; talk with your children.

Prepare the great feast, taking care of all the details…

Read Revelations concerning the New Jerusalem.

You saw something in the dream.

All of you must meditate;

how are you so astute to think of other things?

Tell NN that his love is My love,

that he may look to tomorrow.

Yesterday was forgotten on the day he came closer to Me…

I take care of you.

Do not neglect your health.

Let us start this new passion which is much more sorrowful

given that perhaps it will not be revived.

The young girls should participate in this…

these [meditations] are so important for the youth.

Some will call others.

Prudence, obedience and patience…


 *This entry is part of a continuing series of messages I will be posting given to Catalina Rivas from Bolivia--sometimes from Jesus or, at other times, the Blessed Mother--with Imprimatur of +Mons. Rene Fernandez Apaza, Archbishop of Cochabamba, April 2, 1998.  This is my little way of making the messages known.  For those who want to read the messages in their entirety, please see http://youshallbelieve.com.

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