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Posted by Doming on March 10, 2018 at 7:40 PM


CS-87 19-Nov-97



(For the religious)


My children, virgins must not neglect the gift of their own virginity

if they do not want to fall.

Married people must not neglect their marriage

if they desire to receive peace from it.

The former and the latter must guard themselves,

and guard the things and persons

which constitute the subject to whom the particular gift is given.


This is very important for those who forget the station

where I have placed them and change their situation,

harming their souls and their bodies.

Therefore, everybody has need of Me in order to remain faithful to Me

and to the promises that they have made.


From this point of view, this matter assumes a character of simplicity,

whereas, by penetrating into the labyrinths of your own reasoning,

it is very easy to fall into error.


Do you, oh virgin, desire to maintain yourself

in your state of fidelity to Me?

Well then, love Me as your lover,

and it will be easy for you to remain chaste.

And do you, oh married creature,

wish to remain faithful to the other creature,

the one you have chosen, as well as to Me?

Then, love that creature because I command it to you.

Perhaps you are in darkness in this respect,

and you do not love your creature,

the one that I have formed for, and given to you

with a lasting and convinced love.


Perhaps you find in your peer something that annoys you.

Well, I, who has created you, and who knows you both,

assure you

that in you there is also something unpleasant to him or her

whom you should love.

Yes, you could be tired of him or her,

but in that case understand that I want to train you in human love

by inciting you with My Divine Love.


Aside from that, it is a great Grace

that you would not now have to experience displeasure

for having loved the creature that you chose at your pleasure.

If you do not become impatient,

you will still be able to love this creature,

but for a better reason than the one you would like to have

and which perhaps no longer sustains you.

Love your spouse because it is I who wants you to love

the one whom I have placed at your side.

Make your best effort for your creature

and My creature in order to please Me.

Consequently, love your spouse for the sake of Divine Love.


Is this a mystery?

Yes, a mystery, but I am offering its key to you.

So when you have opened it and believed in Me,

then you will also be joyful, and you will feel strong, stable,

and above yourself.


Oh virgins, oh married ones, all of you must listen to, and follow Me,

because everything becomes easier if you do as I have said.

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